Sponsoring an employee benefits plan has never been more complicated, more challenging or more expensive than it is today.
The Affordable Care Act has brought new regulations, reporting and notification requirements and changes in benefit plan designs.

If that's not enough, fines for non-compliance - and the chance of being audited-have never been higher, and proper compliance requires the coordination of employee benefits with payroll services and technology providers.

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Are You a Large Employer or a Small Employer? Why Does it Matter?
Understanding Your Fiduciary Responsibilities Under a Group Health Plan
We make it simpler. We provide an independent assessment of your employee benefit plan that includes risk identification and mitigation, HIPAA, ERISA and Affordable Care Act guidelines, Affordable Care Act compliance and reporting services and strategic plan design analysis.

Once the assessment is completed, we'll ensure that your business has a cost-effective, fully compliant benefits plan that meets your needs.

In many instances we are able to use Affordable Care Act guidelines to reduce our clients' spending on health insurance.

You'll be free to devote your time, effort and energy to the success of your business, secure in the knowledge that your employee benefits plan is doing what it is supposed to for both your employees and your bottom line.