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Compliance Management and Online Benefits Administration
Employee Communications, Employee Benefit Satisfaction Surveys and Workplace Engagement Surveys
We will help you manage the endless array of required notifications and stay on top of the latest mandates associated with ERISA and the Affordable Care Act. We provide solutions for COBRA administration, ERISA document preparation, human resource compliance issues and Affordable Care Act Employer Shared Responsibility Reporting.

We have established close working relationships with top benefits technology providers. It's never been easier to manage employee enrollment, education, billing, reporting, and data online. Whatever your benefits administration needs may be, we have a solution that is right for you.
Healthcare Reform / Plan Design Consulting and Analysis
We will help you plan strategically to overcome the many challenges of healthcare reform as new laws and regulations take effect. We will assess your plans to determine if you are at risk for potential penalties and work with you to choose the most appropriate and cost-effective plan design.
Professional Employment Organization (PEO)
PEOs enable small to mid-size businesses to outsource human resources management and benefits administration as well as deliver an array of human resources services through a "co-employment" model. This means you are sharing certain risks and responsibilities with the vendor so you are not alone when facing the threat from changes to laws and regulations and other compliance mandates. We have relationships with an array of PEO's to meet your specific needs.
Employee communications, benefit satisfaction surveys and workplace engagement surveys are key to adopting a strategic approach to employee benefits. Soliciting and acting upon employee opinions, in concert with ongoing education and communication efforts can pay large dividends to both employers and employees by reducing turnover, increasing job satisfaction and retention, and controlling benefit plan costs.

We conduct employee education sessions throughout the year, as well as before and during open enrollment. We craft easy-to-understand benefits communication pieces throughout the year as well.

Benefit satisfaction surveys measure current employee satisfaction with benefit offerings, as well as how the employees value components of their benefit and compensation plans in terms of the initial decision to accept employment, intent to continue employment, satisfaction with the features and costs of their employee benefits, and potential additions to the benefit program.

Workplace engagement surveys measure employee outlooks on their work environment, opportunities for professional growth, quality of communications, how their work is valued, how they view their workload and their relationship with their supervisors as well as many other important areas.

We've been designing and administering these surveys since 2008; many of our clients find them to be of considerable value - and surprisingly affordable.
Our Relationships
We work closely with the largest provider of employee benefit products and services in the Tri-State area, serving over 60,000 employer groups, 600,000 lives and billing nearly three billion dollars a year in premium. We also have close working relationships with consultants who provide human resources consulting services, organizational development, strategic leadership coaching and team training.

These relationships provide our clients with leverage and access to professional service providers that have already proven their value, saving your business time and money.

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